Hi everyone! This is a little space where I only post some of my art.
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Big paintings

In this page I'll publish my big paintings on wooden board. Some of them are available in my
Society6 shop as prints, framed prints or stretched canvases.


This is a heavy mixed media painting  1 meter high and 40 cm wide.
The first image is too light and the colors are not what they look in reality so I tried correcting the light and  added a little bit of contrast : in the second image you can see the difference. 
It's nearly like the real painting but still it's not as harmonius.
I find it very difficult to take pictures of paintings, positioning boards straight enough and in a correct lighting. 
 In this piece I used a lot of layers of collage to make a very uneven background. As you can see it's really interesting and has a materic feeling. I just love mixed media!!!
I used a detail of this sweet face to make cards and postcards called "Thinking of you..."
thinking of you cards and postcards

 Here you can see details of the painting where I incorporated cloth and lace. Stencils and glitter are present as well.

Details of the little hearts...
I think they look very shabby and sweet!!

The First Flight
Another big painting with a whimsical feel...
I loved the idea of flying in dreams
I cut the image here and it looks a bit more narrow than what it is, one meter hight and 60 cm wide.

a very nice mixed media work of layers and different materials
 lace, music, stencil
 written pages from old books
and some most loved butterflies...

This is one of the first paintings I've done.
When I fell in love with my very much loved man...
This is the image of what I felt: a sense of receiving a sacred gift and and the same time the feeling of giving unconditionally the love I was blessed with.
it's a mixed media folk art painting mostly in acrylic.

And this is the first folk art painting I've done...
It's called inspiration because I was inspired both to write music and to paint my feeling of connection and bond with my inner world.
It's mixed media on wood, mostly acrylic and ink.

I remember visiting a wonderful little medieval church two days before painting this,
I was fascinated by the colors of  medieval art, and the connection with a sacred feeling of protection from another dimension. This painting is so much more beautiful live, the photo doesn't capture the colors well...It's a mixed media folk art painting on wood. One of the first (just after Love).

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